Out Now: Anthology on Gongsheng

This latest Publication sheds light on the term gongsheng/kyōsei, which is used in Chinese and Japanese to not only translate “symbiosis” in biology but also broadly deployed in philosophical, social and political contexts.

Video of the Panel on Convivialism at the World Social Forum (Febr 17th 2024)

An online panel on the “Convivialist Manifesto & Manifestation” was held on Febr. 17th 2024 as part of the World Social Forum 2024 in Nepal. A video of the panel can be watched on YouTube.

Panel on Convivialism at the World Social Forum | Sat., Febr. 17th, 11–12.30 CET

Panel on Convivialism at the World Social Forum | Sat., Febr. 17th,11.00AM – 12.30PM CET Convivialist Manifesto & Manifestation World […]

Interview with Frank Adloff at GSIS Talks “UTOPIA(S) RELOADED”

In October 2023 the Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS) organized its first major event: “Utopia(s) reloaded: Science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation.” For three days scientists and activists alike discussed the role of utopian/dystopian imaginaries of the future in transforming global risks. In intensive debates visions of how a sustainable living could be possible took shape.

Scholar-Activism and Transformative Knowledge

On May 22 and 23, 2023, a workshop on “Scholar-Activism and Transformative Knowledge” was held at the Hamburg based Centre on “Futures of Sustainability.” It was organized by Frank Adloff (Director of the Centre) in collaboration with Madhulika Banerjee and Tobias Müller, who are Fellows at The New Institute (Hamburg).

“Politics of the Gift”: A Convivial Evening

In fall 2022, the English translation of Frank Adloff’s 2018 book “Politik der Gabe ” was published with a new preface by Bristol University Press as “Politics of the Gift: Towards a Convivial Society.” The book is part of the series “Alternatives to Capitalism in the 21st Century” edited by Lara Monticelli and Torsten Geelan. The Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies “Futures of Sustainability” invited to a book launch and a convivial evening on 15 Feb 2023 in Hamburg. It was attended by around 50 people, some of them via Zoom.

“Politics of the Gift”: A Convivial Evening with Frank Adloff – Hybrid Event, 15 Febr. 6-8 p.m. (CET), Hamburg

“Politics of the Gift”: A convivial evening
with Prof. Dr. Frank Adloff
hybrid event, 15 Febr. 6-8 p.m. (CET), Hamburg