Out Now: Anthology on
Gongsheng Across Contexts by Bing Song & Yiwen Zhan published in 2024 by Palgrave Macmillan

Newest Publication featuring articles by Alain Caillé (honorary president of the International Convivialist Association – ICA) and Frank Adloff (first chairperson of the ICA). Reviewing essay in Noēma. Workshop in Tokyo.



Gongsheng Across Contexts – A Philosophy of Co-Becoming sheds light on the term gongsheng/kyōsei, which is used in Chinese and Japanese to not only translate “symbiosis” in biology but also broadly deployed invphilosophical, social and political contexts. It is a cross-contextual attempt to study the foundation of gongsheng/kyōsei as a philosophy of co-becoming, with exploration of its significance for thinking about the planetary challenges of our times, which is directly related to the ideas and ambitions of convivialism. This book provides a unique look at philosophy of co-becoming across various classical & contemporary contexts. It gives insight into how philosophy of gongsheng / kyōsei can inform & inspire us to make intellectual shift.

The anthology is edited by Bing Song (Berggruen Institute China Center, Beijing, China) and Yiwen Zhan
(School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China) and features articles by Alain Caille (honorary president of the International Convivialist Association – ICA), Frank Adloff (first chairperson of the ICA), and many others.
The book is available as open access via Springer Link here

A reviewing essay about the book written by Nathan Gardels for Noēma can be found here.
Noēma is an award-winning magazine exploring the transformations sweeping our world. Published online and in print by the Berggruen Institute, Noēma grew out of a previous publication called The WorldPost, which was first a partnership with HuffPost and later with The Washington Post. Noēma publishes thoughtful, rigorous, adventurous pieces by voices from both inside and outside the institute.

Furthermore, from March 29th to March 30th there will be a connecting workshop of Covivialism and Gongsheng/Kyōsei titled “Forging a Planetary Philosophy and Ethics?” at the University of Tokyo hosted by the Berggruen Institute in which the editors Gongsheng Across Contexts as well as Alain Caillé, Frank Adloff, and many more will be participating.
More information about the workshop is available here.