Video of the Panel on Convivialism at the World Social Forum (Febr 17th 2024)

An online panel on the “Convivialist Manifesto & Manifestation” was held on Febr. 17th 2024 as part of the World Social Forum 2024 in Nepal. A video of the panel can be watched on YouTube.

Interview with Frank Adloff at GSIS Talks “UTOPIA(S) RELOADED”

In October 2023 the Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS) organized its first major event: “Utopia(s) reloaded: Science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation.” For three days scientists and activists alike discussed the role of utopian/dystopian imaginaries of the future in transforming global risks. In intensive debates visions of how a sustainable living could be possible took shape.