Interview with Frank Adloff at GSIS Talks "UTOPIA(S) RELOADED"

In October 2023 the Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS) organized its first major event: “Utopia(s) reloaded: Science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation.” For three days scientists and activists alike discussed the role of utopian/dystopian imaginaries of the future in transforming global risks. In intensive debates visions of how a sustainable living could be possible took shape.

The event was accompanied by a video team, creating a summary video and several interviews with speakers from different disciplines. In this short clip, Karolin Pichler and Patrick Hagn from GSIS’ project team talked to Frank Adloff, first chairperson of the International Convivialist Association (ICA), about the concept of “conviviality”:

What does convivialism/conviviality mean?
Does it concern only human conduct or does it also concern the relationship with nature?
What about the relationship with technology?

See also the summary video of the GSIS event:

Interview with GSIS’ Director Wolfgang Hofkirchner about the event:

The event’s programme:

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