The Necessity to Shift From the Liberal Paradigm to the Solidarity Paradigm and to Spread Convialism

by Mark Humbert. To choose such a target – the liberal paradigm- became obvious to me after several years spent to try to build a Political and Ethical Knowledge in Economic Activities (PEKEA). This PEKEA attempt was triggered by dissatisfaction with standard economic theory, two shortcomings of which had been pointed out.

From Tools for Conviviality (1973) to the Second Convivialist Manifesto (2020)

by Marc Humbert. I will first recall the context which led to the second convivialist manifesto, then I will sketch the evolution of the world between the two publications, Tools for conviviality in 1973 and the Second Manifesto in 2020. I will present in part III, Illich’s book as a Critical Theory and I will finally link all that to the Convivialism’s principles.