André Gorz’s multiform thought is entirely centred on liberation: from work, which prevents individuals from thriving; from consumption, which grows ever higher; and from the social system, which reduces individuals to mere pawns in a “megamachine”. When mapping the European intellectual landscape of social critique since the 1960s, André Gorz…

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Global Civil Societies Global Convivialism

Global Convivialism

The piece below was written in response to a question formulated by Arturo Escobar, Marisol de la Cadena and Mario Blaser. Marisol, Mario and Arturo are starting a project investigating the various uses of the concept of ¨pluriverse.¨ They asked me how I stumbled into the concept and how I…

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Global Convivialism

Global Convivialism

The Convivialist Manifesto belongs to everybody and to no one. Whoever wants to spread its message and carry its flag can take it. It is a cooperative enterprise that drives on enthusiasm and generosity. To transform the Manifesto into a Movement, one would need a moral entrepreneur, an ethics of…

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