New Article by Frédéric Vandenberghe about
Alain Caillé's Anti-Utilitarian Sociology

Frédéric Vandenberghe’s new article “Sociology as political philosophy: Alain Caillé’s anti-utilitarian sociology” was published in the journal Thesis Eleven and can be read here.


The article presents an overview of the intellectual trajectory of Alain Caillé, the founder and animator of the anti-utilitarian movement in the social sciences (MAUSS) in France. Going back to early influences of Claude Lefort, Karl Polanyi and Pierre Clastres, it shows the centrality of the symbolic constitution of the economy in the development of an intellectual front against rational choice. It also considers how Marcel Mauss's famous Essay on the Gift has been developed into a 'gift paradigm' that aims to unify the various social sciences into a comprehensive alternative to the interest paradigm.