Universal declaration of generalised interdependency

Introduction. Throughout its very long history, humanity has grown and spread throughout its small corner of the universe by the formation of organised groups of people and communities, peoples and States between which relations have often had dramatic consequences. This universal declaration recognises that life is an essential value that proceeds from the interdependency between people, groups, communities, peoples, States and the natural environment. The universal aspiration of every being and person for freedom and equality can potentially find a right response in the recognition and respect by all of interdependency. This respect requires us to practice conviviality to organise good societies and ensure the peace of humanity within the universe. It cannot be created without the observation of a certain number of rules and adherence to the convictions of the articles below….

Download the complete text here: MH-En-Universal declaration


Marc Humbert, Professor of Political Economy at Rennes University, France.

Project written by Marc Humbert and discussed with the authors of The Convivialist Manifesto.



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