After Friday 13 November in Paris

After the dreadful events we suffered in Paris last Friday night, things are now perfectly clear. War has been declared to us by a new form of totalitarianism. We can try to explain the causes and we have to understand the reasons of the rise of this awful phenomenon. But totalitarianism per se is beyond causes and reasons and must be fought against as such. How? The worst thing would be to renounce obeying law, pluralism and democracy. Even if we won a military victory, it would be at the price of having been defeated by terrorism for having indulged in terrorism ourselves. To be clear: no Guantanamo, no Abu Ghraib, and no execution without trial when it is possible. Each time we stop observing a democratic rule, we breed totalitarianism more and more. And in any case, is a military victory possible? Most probably not. What is to be done then? The most important thing is to understand that the war is first of all an ideological one and that our main and most efficient weapons are our values. And this is precisely where convivialism enters in and matters. Many may think that the values advocated by the Convivialist Manifesto are too vague and too easily to be agreed with. Really? Let us consider the four core principles of convivialism:

  • The principle of common humanity. Is it not what Daesh (aka ISIS) absolutely denies?
  • The principle of common sociality. Is it not what Daesh absolutely denies?
  • The principle of legitimate individuation. Is it not what Daesh absolutely denies?
  • The principle of creative opposition. Is it not what  absolutely denies?

May we speak of totalitarianism? Of course we can observe a lot of striking differences between bolshevism, Nazism, fascism and salafism. But all share in common nihilism and the refusal of the four core values formulated by the Convivialist Manifesto.

Our only chance to win the war against the new forms of totalitarianism roaming all over the world (and not only in Syria and Iraq) is a huge and transnational formation of public opinion. This blog is devoted to the development of convivialist values and to analyses that contribute to this task.


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