2017: A Great Global Alliance for the Protection of Life. By Patrick Viveret

Dear friends from the “convivialism” movement

When we had met last June at the Theater of the Tempest, in Vincennes, the theme of our conference was “Convivialism now or Apocalypse tomorrow”. This theme cannot be more fitting, as we realize the urgency to act in order to prevent major risks of collapse for our human family. But this title also points at the value of resilience which will be key as we need to overcome catastrophes and regressions if logics of blindness come to dominate the world.

We have entered an era of global conflict of a new kind whose object will be to avoid war and ultimately, preventing, if not the total annihilation of humanity at least the full-fledge realization of the Great Regression. Instead of this Great Regression we need to offer the perspective of the Great Transition – to which the “convivialism” movement is one of the many contributors.

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Patrick Viveret’s wishes for 2017