For a Politics of Conviviality. By Frank Adloff, Sérgio Costa, Ina Kerner and Andrea Vetter

After looking at the news in recent years, feelings of disappointment or even powerlessness have been taking hold for many. We saw the Arab Spring and its crackdown. Many had hoped that the 2008 financial crisis would lead to a curbing of global financial capitalism, but this hope was dashed. In recent months, the “welcoming culture” in Germany towards refugees has shifted into a policy propelled by the fear-driven and misanthropic rhetoric of the political party AfD (“Alternative für Deutschland”). Instead of an upswing of cosmopolitanism, we are currently experiencing a resurgence of identity-based concepts of community—emphatically orchestrated by some intellectuals—as well as right-wing violence and terrorist attacks on an unprecedented scale. International terrorism brings fear to our everyday lives, and the so-called Islamic State (IS) fuels this fear of Islam in general. Natural disasters worldwide testify to the coming climate chaos, and this is accompanied by rampant everyday worries about job security, affordable housing, or health.

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