Commoning – Perspectives on Conviviality

Commoners reply to the Convivialist Manifesto

by Britta Acksel, Johannes Euler, Leslie Gauditz, Silke Helfrich, Birgitte Kratzwald, Stefan Meretz, Flavio Stein, Stefan Tuschen

Translation: Maike Majewski and Wolfgang Höschele

We see ourselves as commoners. Therefore we welcome the approach of the Convivialist Manifesto authors to bring together diverse persons and organisations, positions and discourses in a shared process. Such an attempt will always be emergent; but we consider this to be an appropriate approach to an ‘art of living together’ that is viable for the future. This emergent approach corresponds to the invitation to contribute to the ideas and suggestions outlined in the Manifesto. We are glad to follow this invitation, in the same spirit. Our text is the first result of our effort to think and write as a group. For us this means that we build on some analytical aspects of the Manifesto by adding our commoning perspective. It is inherent to such a process that our writing is “not-thought-through”. We see this as an invitation to reflect on the ideas we lay out in this text and pursue one’s own thoughts on the issues left open or controversial.

The term “con-vivere” (Les Convivialistes 2014 [in the following abbreviated as LC]: 24) can serve as an anchor point for deepening the Manifesto from the commons perspective. The connection between con-vivere and com-mons is obvious and visible in the first syllable.

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