Pouvoir citoyen – Serment de Paris COP21

Citizens People Of The Earth: Let Us Create Our Own Power!
WE, Citizens of the Earth, coming from many countries, cultures and traditions on Earth, gathered in Paris at this historic moment, witnesses of global warming, the degradation of natural resources indispensable to life on Earth, growing inequalities among humans, are committed to the preservation of the conditions for present and future generations to enjoy a dignified life.
Empowered by our wisdoms and cultures, and having mobilized our capacity to launch multiple initiatives around the world to open the path towards the Great Transition, we note with apprehension, despite the remarkable achievement of COP21 which we celebrate, the insufficiency of the process of negotiations under the guidance of the United Nations from 1992 to 2015, to produce an agreement that would be as ambitious, courageous and binding as necessary to avert the most destructive consequences of climate disorder on Humankind and our Planet, long foreseen by scientists, and whose evidence is increasingly undeniable.
It is time to acknowledge that the system of citizens’ representation through nation-states only, and through multilateral organizations composed only of nation-states, and the de facto global power of an illegitimate corporate and financial oligarchy, is far from sufficient to preserve and manage the Earth’s borderless common goods, such as air, water, oceans, land and forests, upon which the well-being of humans and all forms of life depends.
We must create a new sphere of political action that acknowledges the diversity of peoples but also the People of the Earth as a unity. We must urgently build a global public sphere aimed at the middle- and long-term horizons, capable of taking into account the interests of future generations. In decision-making, we must take into account the planet’s scale and a minimum timeline of two generations, or even seven, according to the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of North America.
It is time, therefore, to take a further step in enabling our human family to ensure its common destiny, first by preventing the destruction of the planet that nourishes us. This means launching a constitutional process that, based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fulfills that declaration by recognizing the rights and responsibilities of each and every human being towards others and towards nature, not only as citizens of nation-states, but also as one People of the Earth whose destiny strictly depends on the health of this magnificent and fragile planet.
These rights of planetary citizenship cannot continue to be hostage to economic and political institutions that have proved incapable of resisting the power of dominant oligarchies, and that delay the implementation of urgent measures needed to avoid social and ecological disaster. We therefore propose the creation of a citizen’s power complementary to nation-states, which takes the responsibility for the future of humankind on Earth. And we commit ourselves to build this power together with all those who share in the urgency of taking sustainable action in the middle and long terms, free from the pressure of oligarchic lobbies.
We pledge to seek together the forms of organization and expression of this citizen’s power through further international gatherings of citizens. We will meet again in the Thematic World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, in January 2016, and in the World Social Forum, in Montreal, in August 2016, as well as in all the gatherings of the international network of “Dialogues en humanité” in different locations throughout the world, in order to focus on uniting all peoples in the defense of Life, beginning with our common humanity, and also on building bridges towards the official recognition of this citizen’s power by nation-states, the UN and international agencies in order to prevent the influence of lobbies contrary to the pursuit of the human journey on Earth.
Thus, we commit ourselves together, to fulfill this solemn oath:
by dedicating our capacities, creativity, competence and intellectual, emotional, artistic, immaterial and material resources to the immediate acceleration of the Great Transition towards renewable, non-polluting sources of energy, forsaking fossil fuels and destructive modes of production and consumption; and the establishment everywhere, and at all levels, of an equitable, socially just economy that respects life, health, the fostering of human potential, biodiversity, and all terrestrial and marine ecosystems, upon which the survival of humankind depends.
We take this oath, as we leave Paris, not to separate ourselves from each other in heart or spirit; to maintain our ties through all possible means of communication; to gather wherever possible as circumstances allow; to put pressure on all powerful institutions, public or private, corporate and financial, local, national and multilateral, to take responsibility for their actions and policies and their consequences for Life on Earth; to cooperate with networks of fellow citizens in implementing the vital and urgent goals mentioned above; and finally to reinforce our ties of friendship, sisterhood and brotherhood, solidarity and mutual support in order to extend this global network of citizens fully committed to this mission, actors in the emergence of a global civil society, parties to a Global Ecological and Social Contract, warrants of this oath and this commitment, in our name and for the protection of future generations.
Each and every citizen of the Earth confirms this solemn oath by signature, in Paris and throughout the world.
Paris, December 12, 2015

List of signatures :

Je signe http://lesermentdeparis.wesign.it/fr
• Alain Caillé, co-fondateur du Mouvement Convivialiste – France
• Alba Maria – Xamã – Fondation Terra Mirim localisee a Simoes Filho, Bahia , Brasil
• Alexandra Picheta, Comité féministe du Collectif FSM 2016 – France
• Alexandre Mourot – Association Dans le Sense de la Vie – France
• Alima el Bajnouni , convergence citoyenne Marseille – France
• Ali Serhrouchni – Dialogues en humanité Maroc
• Anne-Laure Federici – Collectif FOREL – France
• Andrea Caro Gomez – Mouvement SOL “monnaies citoyennes vers le bien vivre” – France
• Anne Marie Codur – Dialogues en humanité Boston, USA
• Anne Tesson – Ecologie au Quotidien Rhône-Alpes France
• Antonella Verdiani – Présidente Printemps de l’Education – France Italie
• Azdine Benyoucef – Chorégraphe Directeur de la Compagnie Second Souffle
• Barbara Glowczewski – Directrice de recherche au CNRS -Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale au collège de France
• Benjamin Ball collectif pour une transition citoyenne, France
• Bernard Lemoult – Directeur du Collège des transitions sociétales – France
• Bernadette Plas Schwoerer – France
• Bruno Lamour – président du Collectif Roosevelt
• Babacar Diop Buuba professeur titulaire, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines (FLSH) Université Cheikh Anta Diop De Dakar, Sénégal
• Catherine André – Journaliste, Dialogues en humanité, France
• Célina Whitaker – Co-présidente du Fórum pour d´autres Indicateurs de Richesse et Collectif Richesse – France
• Céline Braillon – Dialogues en humanité – France
• Chico Whitaker – co-fondateur du Forum Social Mondial – Brasil
• Christel Hartmann-Fritsch (Geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied – Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung in Europa Genshagen Stiftung – Dialogues en humanité ALLEMAGNE
• Christine Adjahi (Festival International du Conte et de la Parole( FICOP) – Dialogues en humanité BENIN
• Christine Bisch – Gawad Kalinga Lyon Philippines, Is’Poss et Dialogues en humanité, Lyon/ France
• Cimi- Comissão Pastoral Indigena Missionário da CNBB – BRASIL
• Cleber César Buzatto – Cimi- Conselho Indigenista Missionário – BRASIL
• Cyril Delattre
• Christian Delorme investi dans le dialogue interreligieux et les droits humains, auteur de “La Marche”, frère du Prado Lyon France
• Christian Weisse
• Christophe Laurens – DSAA Alternatives Urbaines – France
• Claude Alphandery – Président d’honneur du Laboratoire de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire – France
• Claude Henry – EGPC – France
• Claude Veyret – Ecologie au Quotidien Rhône-Alpes – France
• Cleber César Buzatto – Secretário Executivo do Cimi – Conselho Indigenista Missionário – Brasil
• Corinne Allavena – Journaliste, France
• Corinne Bondu – productrice-réalisatrice de documentaires, créatrice de la société Passage d’Images. France
• Daniel Durand – Président du Registre des Citoyens du Monde – France
• Daniella Schwendener – Dialogues en humanité, Paris – Alternatiba Ile de France, Paris, France
• Débora Nunes – Co-fondatrice du Brechó EcoSolidario et Dialogues en humanité – Brasil
• Denise Dinigre – Rede Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• Dominique Picard – Mouviment SOL, Dialogues en humanité de Paris, France
• Dominique Plihon – Economiste, FRANCE
• Edgar Morin – Sociologue, citoyen du monde – France
• Eduardo Zanatta – Coletivo Bahia 21 – Brasil
• Erivan Camelo da Silva – membro da Caritas Diocesana de Sobral – Articulação Antinuclear Brasileira – Brasil
• Erika Leone – Diálogos em humanidade – Brasil
• Elisabeth Blondeaux-Giraud – France
• Emerson Andrade Sales – Chercheur aux energies renouvelables Dialogues en humanité Bahia – Brasil
• Fazette Bordage – créatrice de lieux d’arts et de Dialogues en humanité culture – France
• Fayçal Salhi musicien France Algérie
• Fernand Fiévet – Professeur Émérite à l’Université Paris Diderot – France
• Franck Lebon compositeur
• Françoise Caron
• François Fayolle – Directeur MJC Duchère – France
• Françoise Fiévet-Vincent – citoyenne engagée – France
• Gilliane Le Gallic, Réalisatrice, Présidente de l’association Alofa Tuvalu – France
• Genevieve Ancel – Co- fondatrice des Dialogues en humanité- Métropole de Lyon
• Genevieve Azam – ATTAC, France
• Gilles Chauveu – Ingénieur – France
• Gilles Lemaire – ancien Secrétaire national des Verts (Le Kremlin Bicètre France
• Giulia Zingariello danseuse ITALIE
• Gracina Magnólia Batista – Brechó eco-solidário / Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• Heloisa Primavera, Professeur à l’Université de Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
• Henryane de Chaponay – Co-fondactrice des Dialogues en Humanité et du Forum Social Mondial – France
• Hugues de Rincquesen Pedra do Sabia, Dialogues en humanite Itacaré Brasil
• Irene Koukoui Dialogues en humanite BENIN
• Isabelle Delannoy – Urbaniste – France
• Ivan Maltcheff – Collectif Colibri et Réseau Dialogues en Humanité – France
• Jacqueline Romano-Toramanian – Comité des retraités Brundtland EVB-CSQ, QUÉBEC
• Jean Bourdariat – Responsable Associatif et Chef d’Entreprise – France
• Jean-Claude Devèze – Pacte Civique – France
• Jean-Louis Laville – Professeur au CNAM – France
• Jean-Pierre Goux – Écrivain – France
• Jean Fabre – Consultant International – Ancien Directéur Général Adjoint du PNUD – SUISSE
• Jean Gadrey – economista, résau FAIR – FRANCE
• Jean-Pierre Theret, citoyen du Peuple de la Terre
• Jean-Sébastien Goedefroy-Martin chorégraphe et boulanger FRANCE
• Jérôme Cohen –
• Jonnes Antonio Nogueira de Oliveira Carneiro – Brechó eco-solidário / Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• Kaká Werá – Instituto Arapoty – Brasil
• Karim Mahmoud-Vintam – Délégué général Les Cités d’Or – Lyon, France
• Laurence Allou – Dialogues en humanité Paris – France
• Laurence Baranski – États Généraux du Pouvoir Citoyen – France
• Laurence Nogaro – Collectif Richesse – France
• Laurent Ganem compositeur
• Lex Paulson, Sciences Po Paris, Democracy 2.1, Paris, France
• Luciana de Lima Xavier Nunes – Estratégia – Brasil
• Luc Valentin , Professeur émérite à l’univesité Paris-Diderot, France
• Luiz Mário – Forum popular do Orçamento do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
• Lun Zhang, Maitre de conférences, Chine contemporaine, l’université de Cergy Pontoise
• Manu Pujol – Employé dans le secteur de l´energie – France
• Marc Tirel – Dialogues en Humanite – France
• Marcelus Leone, musicien, Brésil
• Magali Bardou – Plaine Commune, Saint Denis France
• Marie-Laure Wieser – Printemps de l’éducation – France
• Marcos Arruda – PACS, Rede Jubileu Sul Brasil e Américas, Rede Diálogos em Humanidade/ Rio de Janeiro/ BRASIL
• Marie Cheron – membre de 4D – FRANCE
• Marisa Nardini Afrifa – Tamburi di pace, Prato, Dialogues en humanité ITALIA
• Marta Ceroni, Donella Meadows Institute, Vermont, USA
• Maryse Hardin – Citoyenne de la Terre
• Maryvonne Pietri – Citoyenne de la Terre
• Meriem Benyoucef directrice de production France
• Michel Granger – Artiste peintre plasticien – Paris – France
• Michel Veillard – Réseau FAIR – France
• Mohammed Mechkar – Intersocial – France
• Nadine Outin — Printemps de l´Education – France
• Natacha Kaminski – Association Dialogues en humanité, Lyon, France
• Nelly Gelly Cornillié – Nanterre, France
• Pablo Lambelet de Arruda, musicien et compositeur, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
• Ordep Serra – antropologue, Academie de lettres de Bahia et Dialogues en humanité– Brasil
• Patrick Viveret – philosophe, co fondateur des Dialogues en humanité
• Philippe Elusse – réalisateur, coopérative DHR – France
• Philippe Piau – Comedien – metteur en scene – France
• Priscylla Lins – Rede Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• René Wadlow – Président Association World Citizen
• Ryadh Sallem, président de CQFD “Ceux Qui Font les Défis” et délégué Général de CAPSAAA, Dialogues en humanité – France
• Raphael Canet – Collectif Forum Social Mondial 2016 Montreal – CANADA
• Ribhu Vohra, WasteLess, India
• Roberta Brayner, Maître de Conférences en chimie, Université Paris Diderot – France
• Sacha Goldmann – Délégue Général du Collegium ëthique Scientifique et Politique – France
• Sébastien Keiff, Secrétaire général de Together France
• Serge Allou, Lead Urban Specialist, Cities Alliance, Belgique
• Shoki Ali Said – Dialogues en humanité – France Ethiopie
• Siddhartha – February Dialogues and Pipal Tree Bangalore-INDIA
• Simone Kunegel – Dialogues en humanité, Lyon – France
• Shabin Paul, February Dialogues and Pipal Tree – Bangalore-INDIA
• Stéphane Amour – achitecte de la dignité – France
• Stella Barros – Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• Susan George – presidente d´honneur d´Attac – USA
• Sylvie Paquerot, Professeure agrégée à l’Université d’Ottawa – CANADA
• Sylvie Vogin –
• Ticiana Sales Leon – Advogada – Brazil
• Thomas Coutrot co président ATTAC France
• Txetxu Etcheverry – BIZI!
• Virginie Rachmuhl – Sociologue-urbaniste – Paris, France
• Vivina Machado – Rede Diálogos em Humanidade – Brasil
• Yacine AIT KACI – Media Artiste – Createur d’ELYX, France
• Yehuda Alain Schwartz, Federation of Israel-Palestine, Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine
• Yves Mathieu, Débat citoyen mondial sur le climat
• Yolanda Rueda – Psychologue – France
• Zênis Novais da Rocha – Professora Titular – IQ-UFBA – Projeto Compostagem Francisco – Brasil