Frédéric Vandenberghe: Notes on an Anti-Convivialist Manifesto

The Convivialist Manifesto belongs to everybody and to no one. Whoever wants to spread its message and carry its flag can take it. It is a cooperative enterprise that drives on enthusiasm and generosity. To transform the Manifesto into a Movement, one would need a moral entrepreneur, an ethics of conviction and, no doubt, also a considerable network of contacts in academia and civil society. I don´t even have a mobile phone! And yet if I have been instrumental in getting the manifesto translated into Portuguese and into print, it is because I got captured by its Spirit (its hau if you want). Alain Caillé, the driving force behind the Manifesto, invited me to join the initiative, and I reciprocated in kind. Whenever I contacted people to ask for a commentary, they responded kindly and disarmed. The Spirit is indeed contagious, as Marcel Mauss knew well. Annablume was on board from the very beginning. When the Manifesto came out, first in poster format, then in the format of a booklet, it didn´t get that much attention, because there was no one to aggressively promote it. That is not a defect, it is a virtue. Convivialism is a spirit, an ethos, a practice, not something you shout from the roofs, but something you practice in everyday life…

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FV Anti-Manifesto