Against the marketing of terrorism

The events that have just taken place in Paris are horrible and alarming. Both our everyday behaviour and our future are under threat. Our way of life and the way in which we view what lies before us are changing and, moreover, they are changing against our will. And this is happening just when we felt and were proud to feel we could juxtapose a range of world views for the benefit of everyone. We feel powerless. We feel our confidence in that which was supposed to give us confidence in the future and in people is slipping away. It is highly tempting to despair, to give up and to seek safety behind physical and intellectual ramparts. Nevertheless, if there’s a lesson to be learnt from what is going on, it is this: we must, more than ever, take on board the need not to give up on the establishment of a society wherein respect for others and the betterment of oneself and of society are fundamental building blocks. We must acknowledge the degree to which a society of confidence and solidarity, of knowledge and diversity, is rooted in the commitment and understanding of each and every member of that society……

Download the complete article here: Bouchet Mktg Terrorism Article A


Professor Dominique Bouchet, University of Southern Denmark

November 14, 2015



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